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DIY Antler Candle Holder

Diy antler candle holder

I bought this antler from a thrift store for 2 euros. I like it when antlers are used in home decor and this antler happened to just wait for me to buy it and make something out of it.

So I did just that, after a while of research of different uses for antlers in decor. I found antlers used as wall hooks, candle holders and just as a decorative item, either natural color or painted white or different colors. I thought that the shape of my antler could be perfect for making a candle holder. So after an afternoon of work, this is how it looks finished:

Diy antler candle holder

So nice isn’t it! :) I’m quite proud of how it turned out!

Here’s how I made it:

Diy antler candle holder

First I needed something to place the candle on. I used a piece from the candlestick that was left from my industrial table lamp. I used a piece of sandpaper and a knife (yes, the knife is all mine and has even my name carved on it :)) to make it sit nicely on the antler.

Diy antler candle holder Then I used some brown acrylic paint to sort of “stain” the antler darker. I used a damp sponge to apply a thin layer of paint. This made the antler look so much better and because the original texture shows through the paint, it looks very natural too. I also painted the candlestick piece with chalkboard paint to make it matte black. I think it almost looks like cast iron this way. :) After painting I drilled a hole to the antler and attached the candlestick piece to the antler with a screw. After that it was all done! Here’s some more pictures of the finished candle holder:

Diy antler candle holder

Diy antler candle holder

This candle holder makes me think of autumn and all of those dark, cosy evenings with candle light… Something to look forward isn’t it? :)


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