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Diy Bedside Lamps Part 1

Edit: See Part 2 here and Part 3 here and the finished lamp here.

Remember how I decided to design and make my own industrial style bedside lamps?

Well, I changed my mind about how I want them to look. :)

I came across this lamp (from Cox&Cox)on Pinterest:

Industrial Wooden Desk Lamp Inspiration

It was love at first sight. This lamp seemed perfect! Just the right materials and feel… and maybe possible to make myself?

So I searched for the materials to recreate this look… I found that the Fas lamp in Ikea has the same style metal shade and it’s only 9,99 euros per lamp. I bought two for my project. Everything else came from hardware stores. I haven’t yet bought any material for the base, but I’m planning on making it from concrete. These are the parts needed to make one lamp (without the base).

DIY industrial style wooden table lamps parts

1 meter of teak batten strip (cut into two 19 cm long pieces and two 31 cm long pieces)

1 Ikea Fas lamp

2 threaded rod pieces, 5 mm thick, 4,5 cm long

1 threaded rod piece, 5 mm thick, 3 cm long

1 M8 bolt (with a matching wing nut for stability in the concrete)

1 M5 screw, 10 mm long

6 wing nuts, M5


1 M8 fork joint

1 M5 fork joint

I will show the steps on how I put these parts together later! I have almost finished one lamp already, yay!

Ps. There’s also some progress going on with our sofa issue, so hopefully I can soon show our brand new living room sofa!



38 Responses to Diy Bedside Lamps Part 1

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  • Audrey says:


    This is amazing! LOVE IT!!!! You’re so talented.

    I want to try to make one, too! Quick question about the wood: how thick is it? And where did you buy it? Did you just go to a hardware store and describe what you needed?


    • Minni says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it! :D

      The teak batten strip I used is about 7mm thick. I bought it from a hardware store from the boat section. They have a lot of different size teak panels there because apparently teak is naturally oily and therefore excellent material to use in sailing boats. But you could also use any hardwood you like. Oak would be a good choice for example. :)

  • Cheryl says:

    I love this!! I haven’t been able to find the fork joints in the hardware stores. Any special place I should be looking? Thanks!

    • Minni says:

      Hi Cheryl! I found my fork joints from Biltema, but I don’t know where you are from and if that store is available there. Fork joints happened to meet my needs exactly so I used them instead of something more commonly found item. I really hope you can find them somewhere!

      • ESTHER says:


        It has been a long time since you did this wonderful lamp. I saw it months ago but i did not have time to do it. Now i have it!!!!
        But i need your help. I am looking for the fork joints and it is impossible to find them. I have even look for them in biltema web. I have even try with the translator
        But i do not find them. could you send me the link to buy them???please
        I am from spain but i would pay the shipping!!!
        Thank you very much!!!!

        • Minni says:

          Hi Esther! Unfortunately Biltema doesn’t ship to other countries. But you could try one commenters, Rashid’s idea of using aluminum turnbuckles and making the fork joints from them. You can order those from Ebay quite easily. He said:”–Aluminum turn buckles can be had for $1-2 instead of the fork joints, cut off the reverse threaded end, then drill a hole through the remaining piece.–”. You can find the full comment here, if you scroll down and find it. I really hope this helps! :)

          • FMVP says:

            Ask in any profissional shop by Fork joints – DIN 71751

            I hope this help!

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  • Brian says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been wanting one of these lamps for a while but all of the ones you find in stores that aren’t a billion dollars don’t always want to stay up … bolts, wing nuts and wood should tighten down perfectly well! Manufacturers try to make things super simple in functionality like no tightening mechanism but in the end its a sacrifice on making function well. The reason I don’t have one of these lamps. Thanks!

    • Minni says:

      Thanks Brian! Your’re right about those store bought lamps. :) Also, if you add rubber washers (instead of metal ones) in my lamp design it makes it hold even better.

  • Mari says:

    Sun versio on hienompi kuin inspiraatio! Kiitos ohjeista, meni ykkoseksi to-do-listalle.

    • Minni says:

      Kiitos Mari! :) Tsemppiä oman lampun tekemiseen! :)

    • Carlie says:

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  • Chris says:

    This is quite disappointing to see. Sorry, but this is basically a case of design plagiarism, not good design. Kudos to you for figuring out how to legally copy a design by changing some proportions and materials, but there is no original thought involved with this knock off. Take the Cox + Cox design however — the designer of this lamp looked at the famous Anglepoise lamp from the 1930′s, which has been re-interpreted countless times, and came up with a unique interpretation. For that matter, Cox + Cox is not a company that focuses on design innovation either but simply the re-interpretation of the familiar and marketable. Look to the original for inspiration and come up with something that is your own.

    • Minni says:

      Hi Chris! I do understand your point. But I never said this is “good design” or original work. I just saw a picture of a lamp I liked, and because I don’t have hundreds of euros to spend on lighting, I made my own diy versions inspired by the lamp I liked, for fraction of the price. :) I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that! Creating my own designs is actually what I will be doing for living (industrial design), so I know a lot about it, but this blog is my hobby, what I do for MY home, so I don’t take it too seriously. :) I do projects I think look good and things that make me feel happy!

  • Hannah says:

    This is the cutest lamp design! Its my boyfriend’s birthday on thursday and I went to purchase the items this weekend to make the lamp. Considering this is my first DIY project, I’m confused on the parts. Are the M8, M5, M6 hardware items the metric version? Are those universal units are do American stores contain different ones? If so, do you know the American versions of these items?
    Can’t wait to finish my first DIY. I don’t think I could have found a cuter site to begin with or a better project! Thank you so much. Huge fan now of the site. Definitely going to give Kudos to this website when I finish the lamp!

    • Minni says:

      Thanks Hannah! :) And yes, the parts are metric versions. You will probably have difficulties finding the fork joints, since the ones I used are only sold in a store called Biltema, so I can’t promise that you can find something similar. Unfortunately I don’t know the American versions of these parts, so I can’t really help you out more, sorry! I really hope you are able to finish your project somehow!

  • Cherry says:

    where do we found the fork joints and the main lamp? i live in india so please help me ou with something

    • Minni says:

      Hi Cherry! Sorry, I don’t think I can help you, since I don’t know what’s available in India. Maybe try Ebay?

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  • Étienne says:

    The DIY looks cool, has been on one of my Pinterest boards for a while now. The IKEA parts have been bought, got the cement but I really have gone for the long run looking after the fork joints and I haven’t found any in Quebec city, Canada.

    Are you aware of a Canadian (or American) shop that I could send me the needed pieces?

    Thanks, love the blog!

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  • Lisa Barrett says:

    Hello. I love your design! I was finally able to track down an exact Chinese version of the Ikea Lamp (as Ikea no longer sells the ones you used). I found them on Amazon under: Simple Style Metal Clip LED Lamp and YFG Simple SYFG le Metal Clip LED Lamp. They are sadly much more expensive, but otherwise are the same as the ones you used.
    My question to you is, how WIDE is the batten you used? I see from previous questions it is 7mm thick, but I need the width as well.
    Thank you for posting such a cool lamp!

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  • Oliver says:

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but what sort och concrete were you using?

  • Dimitris Gamvrelis says:

    Hi there,
    love the result.
    I am wondering where can i find this IKEA lamp?
    I cannot find it here in Greece.
    Any idea?

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  • Banner Yapma says:

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial, i follow the instructions and almost did it, i will send a photo when i totally finished.

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