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Diy Bedside Lamps Part 2

See the materials in Part 1 here.

Edit: See how to make the concrete base in Part 3 here and see the finished lamps here.

Okay, let’s see how to assemble the lamps!

Diy industrial wooden desk lamp parts

First I took the wooden pieces and drilled six 5 mm wide holes. One hole to each shorter piece, 2 cm away from one end and two holes to each longer piece, one 3,5 cm away from one end and second hole 2cm away from second end.

Diy industrial wooden desk lamp partsTo fit the fork joint nicely between the two shorter wood pieces, I had to carve a 2-3 mm deep dent to the other end of the piece. Then I drilled a 5 mm hole through the dent.

Diy industrial wooden desk lamp parts

Here are close ups on all the joints. Top left: wing nut – wood – 2 washers – fork joint – 2 washers – wood – wing nut. Top right: wing nut – wood (long) – wood (short) – 5 washers - wood (short) - wood (long) – wing nut. Bottom left: wing nut – wood – fork joint – wood – wing nut. Bottom right: the lamp attached to the lamp arm with one screw.

Diy industrial wooden desk lamp parts

And here it is assembled! Doesn’t it look great? :)

I still need to make the base which will probably be the hardest thing to do… Pouring concrete for the first time in my life… Yikes! But hopefully I manage and get these lamps ready and in use as fast as possible. So Part 3 coming up! :)


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