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Diy Bedside Lamps Part 3

See Part 1 here.

And Part 2 here.

Edit: See the finished lamps here.

Part three is the final step of making these industrial style bedside lamps. I’m going to show how I did the concrete bases for my lamps.

See some tips on using concrete from my previous post on Diy concrete candle holders.

Diy industrial desk lamp with concrete base

Top left: I used Ikea Antonius basket insert as a mold. It had the perfect size and shape and I was able make two bases with the same mold. The basket insert only cost 2 euros, so I did’n worry that I couldn’t use it anymore after making the bases.Top right: I had to drill two holes to the bottoms of the basket insert so that I could cast two 8mm screws into the concrete. The screws will attach to the lamp. I did a few test drills before the final drilling to make sure I got it right. Bottom left: I used blu tack to hold the screws in place and make the mold tight so that the concrete wouldn’t leak through. Bottom right: Concrete cast in the mold.

When the bases were dry, I slid them out of the molds and glued a piece of felt to the bottom so that they won’t scratch our bedside tables.

Here they are, finished:

Diy industrial desk lamp with concrete base

Then it was time to attach them to lamps…



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