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Fräck Mirror + Tin Can + Candlestick = An Industrial Style Lamp

This was a project were I forced myself to be creative and turn cheap pieces into something good looking. Everything started with a Fräck mirror frame that I had leftover from my wood stick mirror project. There was so much potential… so what to do with it? I decided to make an industrial lamp and went to a thrift store to find something to use. I was so lucky: I found everything I needed… and the cost was two euros total! Here are my lamp parts:

Fräck mirror industrial table lamp

I had the Fräck mirror frame and a wooden candlestick, a tin can, and a lamp cord bought from the thrift store. I cut off the top of the candlestick and painted the base black. Then I drilled some holes to the tin can so that i could attach it to the mirror frame and the lamp cord. Then the mirror frame was attached to the black painted base. Easy! Here’s the finished industrial style lamp:

Fräck mirror industrial table lamp

Fräck mirror industrial table lamp

Fräck mirror industrial table lamp

Fräck mirror industrial table lamp

Pretty cute, isn’t it! It makes nice indirect light when pointed towards a white wall and looks great even when the light isn’t on. Good reminder to use more creativity and to challenge myself more often!



7 Responses to Fräck Mirror + Tin Can + Candlestick = An Industrial Style Lamp

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  • April says:

    How did you attach the mirror frame to the paint can? I love this idea and would like to try it out but can’t figure that one step out

    • Minni says:

      I drilled three holes to the can. Two holes on each side (measure carefully) to attach the mirror frame with two bolts. When you take the mirror frame apart to remove the original mirror you have to remove two short bolts. Use two longer bolts in their place to attach the the mirror frame to the tin can. So, the bolt goes through the mirror frame hole and then through the drilled hole in the tin can. I used nuts at the end of the bolts to secure them.

      The third hole I drilled was used to prevent the frame from moving back and forth around the tin can. I drilled a hole between the other two drilled holes and attached a short bolt and two nuts in it. Like this: bolt, nut, through the drilled hole, nut. The mirror frame is going to be on top of this bolt, not attached to it. This is not necessary, but it makes the frame stay better in the right place, because the bolt acts as a “stopper”. When assembled together, this third hole with the bolt and the nuts will be on the underside of the tin can so it’s not even that visible. Hope this helps and you understand my long and confusing explanation.. I think I should take more “in the process”-photos :) Would make this explaining easier! :D

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