Ikea Hyllis Hack

I’ve always loved the industrial feel of Hyllis shelving unit as much as I’ve loved the price. At 9,95 euros it was perfect material for a little Ikea hack. We needed a good solution for storing our shoes so that it wouldn’t take too much floor space. Hyllis was just the right height and width but it didn’t have enough shelves. My solution was to buy two of them and combine them to have enough shelves for our shoes. This is the result:

Ikea Hyllis Hack for shoe storage

Ikea Hyllis Hack for shoe storage

Ikea Hyllis Hack for shoe storage

Ikea Hyllis Hack for shoe storage

On top we keep a bowl for small random stuff, a clock and a jar for small coins.

Ikea Hyllis Hack for shoe storageOn the the top shelf we keep two baskets for storing gloves and beanies.

Ikea Hyllis Hack for shoe storage

This is very easy to make: only drill extra holes for shelves and assemble everything together! Easy, cheap and looks good, can I even ask for more? :)

Edit: This hack was also featured in Ikea Hackers, here’s a link.


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