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Old Wooden Trunk Makeover

A couple of weeks ago I showed you my progress with this time-consuming and difficult project. And I can now proudly say that my old wooden trunk is finally finished! :)

This wooden trunk was given to us by my husbands grandmother so it has sentimental value. We had it in our apartment for a year before I was able to start this makeover last summer. Here’s just a reminder of how the trunk looked like before:

Old wooden trunk makeover, stripping paint, diyLayers and layers of chipping paint, duct tape (?!) under the paint to cover the space between the two wood planks on the top and badly made replacement decorative metal piece on the front. Needless to say, this trunk needed a lot of help. So after some sweat and tears (and a few blisters) here’s how it looks like now:

Old wooden trunk makeover, stripping paint, diy

Old wooden trunk makeover

Old wooden trunk makeover

Better, isn’t it! I love how the wood has so much character in it: scratches, holes and stains. And the metal parts look so amazing and I think the color is just perfect for them. The lowest corner metal pieces are still missing and I’m thinking of maybe making new pieces for them in the future. But I can now call this old trunk finished and I’m so happy how it turned out. :)

Here you can see better the process from start to finish:

Old wooden trunk makeover, stripping paint, diyHere’s a list of everything I did for this trunk:

- removed the paint from the wood with a heat gun

- removed the paint from the metal parts with a paint stripper

- scraped and sanded the wood multiple times

- removed the later added decorative metal piece from the front and modified it to look more authentic by making it smaller and hitting it with a hammer

- made old looking nails from new metal screws by sanding them

- sandblasted the metal nails I made and the decorative piece I modified

- used iron paste on the metal parts to make them look like wrought iron

- used wood filler on the parts where I wasn’t able to remove the white filler residue

- stained the wood darker

- lacquered the wood in satin finish to make a durable surface that would stand heat and water without making any marks.

That’s it! :)

I’m really proud that I was able to get through this project successfully even though it took countless hours and hard work. This was a way of proving myself I can do pretty much anything if I really want to. It just takes some time, work and money to get it done. And now we have this beautiful wooden trunk in our living room and I think we’re going to have it with us for a very long time. :)

What do you think of my finished wooden trunk?


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