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Stockholm Furniture Fair | My Favorites

I thought I’d share a bit more of the things I saw in Stockholm Furniture Fair. In the Greenhouse area, which is meant for design schools, small design companies and young designers, had the best new ideas. I noticed that in this area I was more focused in the new products and ideas whereas in the other halls which featured bigger well-known companies, I was more interested in the fair stands and their presentation, than the actual products.

Here I gathered a few new products from the Greenhouse area that I liked the most.

Will by Lith Lith Lundin

I thought that this Will chair by Lith Lith Lundin had an interesting shape. It’s very basic, but the way those wood pieces are used gives a nice texture. It also looks different from different angles. To find out more, go to their website www.lithlithlundin.se.

Linen Stool by Inger Steinnes

Linen Stool by Inger Steinnes

This Linen Stool by Inger Steinnes was one of my favorites. It’s very simple but it uses offcuts from leather production, so it’s very ecological. I love the texture it creates, and it’s actually surprisingly soft to sit on. You can see more of her work here on her website: www.ingersteinnes.com.

Mildred by Monique Consentino

This Mildred stool by Monique Consentino had a simple but clever idea. Using the blanket as a seat cushion when it’s not needed is a nice idea. You can see her work on her website www.monq.dk.

W77 by Louise Tot

W77 by Louise Tot

This clever stool, named W77, was in the same schools fair stand than the previous Mildred stool. Teko Design and Business University had a very nice fair stand and you can see more of their products from here. W77 is designed by Louise Tot and it functions both as a stool and an exercise equipment for balance training. I like how it is multifunctional AND looks good. See more information about it from her website www.oomi.dk.

Oslo National Academy of the Arts - Fair stand

I realized that all of my favorites until now were chairs or stools. Tells a lot about my studies as a furniture student! :) But this last one was very different from everything else, I had to show it. Olso National Academy of the Arts had a very different stand this year. Their idea was not to show real furniture but to make an art installation which had video and audio of the students sharing their ideas about design. I didn’t understand anything about the video, but the stand had such an amazingly cool copper floor that I had to include it here. It gives nice warmth, texture and character to the other white fair stand. How cool is that? :)

What do you think of these new designs?


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